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World-class fishing on the Orange River

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Orange River flows lazily along 25km of Sandfontein Nature Reserve and here you will find some world-class fishing spots.These fishing spots are only 5km from OraBo and if you’re not staying in our self-catering accommodation, you can camp at designated spots near the best fishing locations.

We normally fish from the riverbank using bait like “mieliebom” to attract the fish and many dips and floats. The fish that we normally catch in the Orange River are carp, yellow fish, catfish and sometimes kurper.

If fly-fishing is what you prefer, the Orange River is ideal. From OraBo there are three entrances onto the river from which you can take small boats.

Not only is the fishing excellent are OraBo, you will find yourself in a very remote, beautiful location on the Sandfontein Nature Reserve.


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