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What can I do at OraBo River Village?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

OraBo River Village is located on the 200,000 acre Sandfontein Nature Reserve by the Orange River. For the ultimate getaway, we offer camping where you are truly in the wilderness. Swimming, fishing and canoeing are also popular activities.

Camping in the Wilderness

OraBo is located in a remote location in southern Namibia. The nearest town is about 100km away. OraBo is the ideal destination to switch off and reconnect with nature. We have designated camping spots in the most serene and peaceful of locations.


Temperatures can get very hot during the summer months (October to March) and swimming is a favourite pastime. The Orange River is perfect for cooling off. Fortunately, there aren’t any crocodiles or hippos in the area and Sandfontein Nature Reserve is completely malaria free.


Whether you’re fishing in the deep pools that swirl beneath tall riverside trees or whipping a fly rod through the air above bubbling rapids, the chances for success are high. Small mouth and big mouth yellow fish are common. You might also catch carp, catfish and kurper.


Glide gracefully down the Orange River to explore this beautiful area. You will have the opportunity to see the wildlife that make Orange River their home, such as a healthy population of wetland birds.

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